GE Smart Electric Dryer with Built In WiFi – White


Weekly Payment of Only: $28.99

Number of payments: 104
Total Cost: $3014.96
Same as Cash Price: $1587.00


The GE 28″ Smart Electric Dryer with Built-in WiFi in white offers advanced features for efficient and convenient laundry care. With the built-in WiFi, you can remotely start, stop and monitor your laundry from anywhere and receive real-time notifications and updates. The Quick Dry feature is perfect for busy families who need to quickly dry items and small loads.

The Sanitize Cycle is designed to kill common household bacteria by using elevated temperatures to sterilize clothing. The Wrinkle Care feature prevents wrinkles by extending the tumble without heat, while the HE Sensor Dry feature prevents over-drying and protects your clothing with innovative dual thermistor technology that continually monitors temperature and moisture.

The Damp Alert signals when delicate clothes reach the ideal dampness level for ironing or final air drying. The Vent Sensor provides alerts when a restriction is detected in your dryer vent. The 4-Way Venting offers easy-to-change venting options to provide the ultimate installation flexibility to fit in your home. The Reversible Door feature allows you to easily reverse your dryer door for superior installation flexibility.

The approximate dimensions of the GE 28″ Smart Electric Dryer are 39 3/4 inches in height, 28 inches in width, and 32 inches in depth. With its advanced features, this electric dryer is designed to simplify your laundry routine and make it more efficient.